Pokemon Home Announced as a Cloud-Based Service Across Nintendo Switch and Mobile

Pokemon Home Announced as a Cloud-Based Service Across Nintendo Switch and Mobile

During the Pokemon broadcast, a new cloud service called Pokemon Home was announced that will bridge the gap between Switch and mobile.

Since the early days of Red and Blue on the Game Boy, Pokemon has grown into a massive property across every generation of Nintendo systems, and now a new platform is aiming to bring Pokemon players together no matter where they are around the world, and what platform they are playing on.

During the Pokemon broadcast from The Pokemon Company, a new platform called Pokemon Home was announced, which will deliver a cloud-based service that will bridge the gap between Pokemon games on several platforms.


As detailed in the broadcast, the service will allow players to connect with other players across Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices, and will offer features such as trading and Pokemon Bank functionality to transfer Pokemon between games.

While details on the service were vague at this time, The Pokemon Company said that it expects Pokemon Home to debut in early 2020. So far, Pokemon Home was confirmed to support last year’s Pokemon Let’s Go! titles, along with the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield that will debut for the Switch later this year. Naturally, Pokemon Home will also be compatible with titles on mobile such as Pokemon GO, giving players there a resource to connect with the Switch titles.

With Pokemon continuing to expand on both the Switch and on mobile, Pokemon Home seems to be a promising new addition to allow players more freedom to play and progress their journeys to become a Pokemon Master. Likewise, The Pokemon Company detailed that with its launch early next year, Pokemon Home will support future updates and new features down the line.