Pokemon Home Premium Plan and Features Revealed

Pokemon Home is set to launch at a controversial price.

Pokemon Home is set for release next month, and we’ve finally found out how much it will cost to use it to its fullest.

According to a new page on the Pokemon Home website, it’s priced similarly to many other live services. Pricing periods go from one month to a year, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $15.99. While those costs certainly shouldn’t set anyone back a whole lot, what’s surprising is how much is available to those that opt for the free version of Pokemon Home. Or rather, what isn’t available.

Players that opt for the free version of Pokemon Home won’t be able to move Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank. That means any Pokemon you have in Pokemon Sun or Moon won’t be going anywhere unless you pay for premium. In addition, free users will only be able to deposit 30 Pokemon as opposed to the series-encompassing 6000 that premium users have space for. There are other differences as well, such as the number of Pokemon that can be placed in the wonder box, room trade hosting, and the judge function, which lets players determine the strength of a Pokemon in storage.

For longtime players, Pokemon Home is a necessity, and that goes double if you’re competitive. The luxury of having all your best Pokemon available immediately just can’t be understated, along with the suite of other added features that make managing your library that much easier and efficient. That being said, it looks like the only way to use Pokemon Home is to pay for it; the features you get from the free version are simply lacking. Sure, they might be enough for a kid playing their second Pokemon title, but for any older fan, there are too many reasons not to buy-in.

All that being said, the price point of Pokemon Home is jarring. At $15.99 for a year, it’s just shy of what a year of Nintendo online costs. It’s also a massive price increase from the 3DS exclusive Pokemon Bank which costs only $5 annually. These costs, plus the restrictions put on free users of the service, are sure to potentially cause some backlash over at the Pokemon Company.

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