Pokemon Journey Builder Lets You Recreate Your Pokemon Memories

The Pokemon Company dropped an online journey tool made just to trigger your nostalgia right before Sword and Shield's launch.

The Pokemon Company released this pretty cool online journey tool on their official website, which allows you to recreate moments from your own personal Pokemon journey. You start by choosing from one of several regions — ranging from Red and Blue version’s Kanto all the way to Alola region of Sun and Moon.

Then you pick highlights from each game such as your starter Pokemon, memorable battles, and memorable story scenes. Once that’s done, a shareable video will be created which you can post to your social media platform of choice. You can also generate a standard URL for your video to link people directly to it. At the end of the video is a brief teaser for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is dropping later this week.

The tool itself is very easy to use and you’ll be able to make a simple video in no time. Here’s my own video that I slapped together based on my favorite region, Johto, here. Feel free to share your own links in the comments below.

A brand new trailer introduces items that will make their debut in the upcoming title including mints, Exp. Candy, nutrition drinks, and Pokemon boxes for on the go ‘Mon storage. If you need a refresher course on all the major new mechanics for Pokemon Sword and Shield you can check out the official trailer showcasing them here. There’s new town footage and a full map of the Wild Area for the game as well.

In other recent news a new form for Farfetch’d called Sirfetch’d and a new form of Ponyta was revealed. We also found out that HMs won’t appear and the games will feature autosaving. Additionally, instead of exp. share returning to the series, experience points will be distributed evenly to each Pokemon in your party.

There are two other trailers for the game as well. The first showed off Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and evolutions, a new Pokemon, and new rivals. The second showcased more gameplay, new abilities, moves, and held items.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Meanwhile check out a write-up from one of our DualShockers own, in which he claims this will be the series title to reignite his passion for the series. You can preorder Sword here and Shield here.

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