Pokémon Latin America International Championships Sees Ashton Cox Dominate in Masters Division

Ashton Cox defeats James Baek in a strategic battle at Pokémon Latin America International Championships' masters' division grand finals.

It’s been a particularly busy weekend for eSports with a number of large tournaments taking place across the globe spanning from games such as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to Halo 5. Among this slew of high-level competitive gaming was Pokémon: Ultra Sun and Pokémon: Ultra Moon for the Latin America International Championships.

Streamed live from São Paulo, Brazil, the tournament saw the region’s best trainers gathering to compete with an army of battle-hardened creatures by their side. In accordance with the Play! Pokémon’s rule-set, the championships were broken down into different divisions based on the age of its players with people over 18 playing in the Masters’ category.

The weekend’s Masters’ division saw an all American grand final with both players hailing from the United States as Ashton Cox went head to head with James Baek.

Keeping his expressions hidden under a grey Eevee and Snorlax baseball cap with a black bandana concealing his jawline, Ashton Cox played a team of Xerneas, Smeargle, Toxicroak, Incineroar, Lunala, and Crobat. Opposing him was James Baek’s team which also featured Xerneas and Incineroar alongside Tornadus, Amoonguss, Kyogre, and Kartana.

The first battle opened with Cox sending out Toixcroak and Xerneas against Baek’s Kyogre and Kartana. With Xerneas heavy damage taking from Kyogre’s Water Spout on the first turn, a number of switches were made on the field seeing Baek’s Kyogre and Kartana exchanged for Amoonguss and Tornadus while Cox swapped in Incineroar.

Amoonguss was the first pokemon on the field to fall after receiving two Moonblasts in a row. A third Moonblast from Cox’s Xerneas was aimed toward Kyogre, knocking it out in a single hit. With only two Pokémon left to face off against a full team of four, James Baek forfeited the match.

The second match saw Ashton Cox opening with Incineroar and Xerneas while James Baek began with Tornadus and Kartana. Cautious of Incineroar’s arsenal of fire-type moves, Baek switched Kartana for Kyogre while Cox used U-Turn to swap in his Toxicroak. Baek’s first all-out assault on his opponent’s team saw him double-target and knock out Toxicroak in a single turn. Cox responded in kind by attacking Kyogre three times in a row in order to make it faint.

Another series of switches eventually came down to a faceoff between Cox’s pairing of Incineroar and Lunala and Baek’s combination of Tornadus and Xerneas as the sides traded heavy blows. Barely surviving a Moonblast, Cox’s Incineroar unloaded a Flare Blitz on Xerneas, eliminating it from the battle.

Having gained the upper hand, Ashton Cox easily overcame the remainder of Baek’s team to become the Pokémon Latin America International Champion.

You can catch all the Pokémon Latin America Internationals action in the video below. Skip to about the two-hour mark for the Masters’ grand finals. Pokémon: Ultra Sun and Pokémon: Ultra Sun are available now on 3DS as more fleshed out renditions of the previous year’s releases. 2019 will see the series annual main event the Pokémon World Championships taking place in Washington D.C.


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