Pokemon: Let's Go Players Can Get Mewtwo for Free at Best Buy Next Month

If you're looking to catch one of the most powerful Pokemon of them all, you can grab Mewtwo in Pokemon: Let's Go at Best Buy in November.

With its release last year, Pokemon: Let’s Go served as the perfect gateway for players of Pokemon GO to bridge the gap into the proper Pokemon titles, especially with the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield on the horizon. As those titles are only a few weeks away from release, now might be the perfect time to jump back into the games, especially if you happen to live near a Best Buy.

The Pokemon Company has announced that players of either version of the title can catch Mewtwo for free at participating Best Buy locations. Specifically, the giveaway will be available from November 4 – 14, 2019, giving players a ten day window to get their own Mewtwo into the game, without the need for a Master Ball. Once obtained, Mewtwo will be at Level 70 and will have a moveset that includes Psychic, Teleport, Recover, and Amnesia.

To claim the offer, you will have to download the Pokemon Pass app on iOS or Android and visit a participating Best Buy location. Once downloaded, you will receive a code in the app as a Mystery Gift, which will then allow you to transfer your newly-obtained Mewtwo into either version of the game. You can find the specific instructions from The Pokemon Company below:

  1. Launch your game.
  2. Select Communicate on the main menu.
  3. Select Mystery Gifts.
  4. Select Get with code/password, then select Yes to save your game and connect to the internet.
  5. Enter your code.
  6. Watch as the gift arrives in your game. (Pokémon will appear in your party or your Pokémon Box. Items will appear in your Bag.)

The timing of the giveaway lines up perfectly with the upcoming release of Sword & Shield, giving Let’s Go players the chance to jump back into the game before their release and nab one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game with little to no effort, at least as long as you have a Best Buy nearby.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! are available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The next mainline installments of the series, Pokemon Sword & Shield, will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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