Pokemon Fans Rejoice, New Lifesized Galar Starter Plushies Incoming

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar starters are getting their very own life-sized plush dolls, with pre-orders at $66 for each one.

August 25, 2019

Just in time for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release, fans can choose their own starter thanks to SAN-EI. The company is releasing a line of lifesized plush dolls of the three Galar region starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. While normally this would be one of those Japanese exclusive items  but thanks to site Sunnyshore PokeMart, you have access to your very own adorable PokeDoll(s):

Sunnyshore Pokemart is currently accepting pre-orders for the plushies at $66 each and will begin shipping out orders right after the merchandises’ release this November. What’s interesting about this online retailer is that it purchases merch from the Pokemon Center located in Japan and ships it around the world. A handy service for international fans who want to indulge as well.

There’s also a handy video from showcasing the dolls in greater detail:

Sunnyshore also had pre-orders for all 100 of the Johto Pokemon plushies in the past, which are just as cute as the starters here, albeit smaller.

Two brand new trailers for Pokemon Sword and Shield premiered earlier this month as well. The first showed off new abilities, moves, and held items. While the second stars the game’s director and tours a new early-game town. Another recent trailer showed off Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and evolutions, a new Pokemon, and new rivals.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Meanwhile check out a write-up from one of our DualShockers own, in which he claims this will be the first series title to reignite his passion for the series. He states: “…we may have another classic generation on our hands.” You can preorder Sword here and Shield here.

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