Pokemon Masters Gets an Animated Trailer and New Details Ahead of Summer 2019 Release

Pokemon Masters Gets an Animated Trailer and New Details Ahead of Summer 2019 Release

Pokemon Masters is a 3-on-3 team battling game for your mobile device. You'll collect both Pokemon and Trainers in your quest to build the best team.

Pokemon Masters is the mobile Pokemon project that is being developed by DeNa and published by The Pokemon Company. The game was announced back in May and, until today, details have been relatively scarce. However, today the teams revealed a lengthy new animated trailer and a number of details. Watch it below.

The trailer begins with a sharp animated section that serves to set up the world of Pokemon Masters. You’ll be joining other trainers around the world as you adventure throughout the land and try to become a Pokemon master. About halfway through the video, we switch over to an info dump that illustrates exactly what you’ll be doing in the game.

As mentioned, you’ll be joined on your journey by other trainers. Tons of famous trainers from past Pokemon games are available to join your party. You can even find legendary trainers like Red and Blue. As you befriend them and their Pokemon, they’ll be added as a sync pair to form a team.

This is key because the battles in Pokemon Masters are all 3-on-3 team battles. In an added twist, the battles take place in real-time. So, during the battle, a gauge fills up. When it’s full, you can unleash your next attack. This speeds up the process and also opens up opportunities to use incredibly powerful sync moves.

Your Pokemon aren’t the only ones who can participate in the battle, as Trainers will have their own battle skills that can heal Pokemon or boost their stats. Finding the correct strategy for each fight is going to be an important aspect of this game.

Pokemon Masters heads to iOS and Android sometime this summer.