Pokemon Masters EX Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off With Three New Master Sync Pairs - When To Get Lillie, N, and Steven

By Dean James

August 26, 2021

Pokemon Masters EX was released two years ago for mobile devices on August 28 and developer DeNA and The Pokemon Company are planning on plenty of festivities for the Pokemon Masters anniversary celebration.

While not reaching the popularity heights of Pokemon GO, Pokemon Masters EX has been getting consistent updates over the last couple of years with tons of new masters being added to the game.

To celebrate the first two years of the game, three fan favorites are now being added as new master sync pairs with Lillie, N, and Steven for the Pokemon Masters Anniversary.

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Pokemon Masters Anniversary Celebration For Year Two

Known as the Two-Year Anniversary Rally, there is plenty of new content coming to Pokemon Masters EX in the near future. This starts this week and into next with the addition of three new master sync pairs to the game with Lillie, N, and Steven.

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When To Get Lillie, N, and Steven

Lillie and her partner Pokemon Lunala will debut on August 27 at 11:00 pm PT and be available through September 29. The duo has what is known as the Alola Flag Bearer master passive skill, while also being able to raise their Sp. Atk and critical hit rate to the maximum with one move.

N and Reshiram are the next Pokemon Masters anniversary master sync pair that will debut on August 29 at 11:00 pm PT and will be available in the game until September 29 as well. These two have the Unova Flag Bearer master passive skill, allowing them to cause their Pokemon move to hit all opponents.

Lastly, Steven and his shiny Rayquaza that debut on August 31 at 11:00 pm PT and will be in the game until September 29. Similar to the other two, they have the Hoenn Flag Bearer master passive skill. Rayquaza is able to become Mega Rayquaza after using its sync move as well.

Do not miss this opportunity to grab these special master sync pairs during the Pokemon Masters anniversary celebration, as they will be gone before you know it. Also, keep an eye out for plenty of other anniversary celebrations going on over the next month as well.

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