Pokemon Masters is Revealed; Coming to Mobile Later This Year

Pokemon Masters is Revealed; Coming to Mobile Later This Year

Pokemon is heading to mobile with a new title called Pokemon Masters, which will feature dozens of Gym Leaders and trainers from the series.

While Pokemon has always been most well-known for its handheld games (along with the upcoming Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switch), more recently Pokemon has been bridging the gap to mobile thanks to huge successes like Pokemon GO and Quest. However, the series seems to be taking another step forward with a newly-revealed title coming later this year called Pokemon Masters.

During The Pokemon Company’s broadcast related to new projects in the franchise, the company shared the first details on its upcoming mobile title Pokemon Masters, which will be coming to mobile sometime later this year.

The project will head to iOS and Android and come from developer DeNA, and will largely revolve around the trademark battling between Pokemon characters. However, as the name implies, Masters will also heavily revolve around players battling against all of the previous Gym Leaders and trainers from the past Pokemon games.

The core concept of the game was inspired by the desire to include all of the past trainers and gym leaders from past games, as players will take them on against some of their most well-known Pokemon. Shown in the trailer during the broadcast, the footage featured some of the most iconic Gym Leaders such as Brock and Misty, while also featuring some familiar faces from the more recent Pokemon titles.

While no firm release date was confirmed just yet for Pokemon Masters, The Pokemon Company stated that more details on the game will be revealed next month, so we won’t have too much longer to wait to find out more details on the upcoming mobile title.