Pokemon is Coming Back to McDonald’s Happy Meals Next Month with Collectible Trading Cards

Pokemon is Coming Back to McDonald’s Happy Meals Next Month with Collectible Trading Cards

With its 25th anniversary happening this year, Pokemon is gearing up for a promotion in McDonald's Happy Meals for next month.

Since the days of Red & Blue, the Pokemon franchise has expanded to one of the most successful and beloved properties of all time. With the series celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021, it’s likely that you’ll find a lot of Pokemon to go around in the coming weeks and months, including at your local McDonald’s very soon.

According to recent leaks (as seen by PokeJungle and PkmnTrainerAbel on Twitter), Pokemon is seemingly making its way back to McDonald’s Happy Meals as a promotion for the series’ 25th anniversary this year. Recent ads have been spotted at McDonald’s locations, indicating that the promotion is planned to start in early February to coincide with the celebrations. So far it has been confirmed that the promotion will offer special Pokemon trading cards that can be picked up with the purchase of Happy Meals at participating McDonald’s restaurants, with a total of 25 different cards to collect with various Pokemon from different generations.

Earlier this month, The Pokemon Company gave a look at what’s in store to celebrate the series’ anniversary throughout 2021. So far that includes the release of upcoming titles like New Pokemon Snap in April, a re-release of classic cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and more. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the fact that Katy Perry has announced some kind of musical collaboration with the franchise to arrive later this year.

Given that this is a pretty big anniversary milestone, it’s no surprise that we’re likely going to see a ton of PokeContent down the line throughout this year. If you’re in the mood to get nostalgic about catching ’em all, you can also check out our staff (and a few special guests) as we ranked all of the Pokemon games to date on YouTube.