Pokémon Picross Release Date Revealed, Free to Download and Play From Nintendo eShop

on November 26, 2015 12:16 AM

Nintendo’s latest foray into the “free-to-play” market, Pokémon Picross for 3DS, finally has a release date according to the Pokémon Company’s official site.

December 3rd of this year is when the puzzle game will hit the North American and European Nintendo eShops. Pokémon Picross lets players use the special abilities of Pokémon to solve 2D Picross puzzles (which are essentially Minesweeper puzzles).

The free-to-play title uses an in-game currency called Picrites. With them you can access more areas, as well as help your Pokémon recover their skills. Picrites can be collected by clearing a puzzle or purchased with real money in the eShop.

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