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Pokemon Hand-Crafted Terrarium Shows What It's Like Inside a Pokeball

Get a glimpse inside a Pokeball in this amazing Pokemon-themed terrarium handcrafted by Craft Jungle (and available for purchase).

It’s well-tred ground that Pokemon manage to live a pretty cushy life inside the Pokeballs that entrap them — but what if we could get a visual representation of that? Professional crafter Crafts Jungle has brought that to life, with Pokemon themed terrariums that are excellent additions to your desk space. Doubly so if you are eagerly awaiting the recently revealed Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch.

The cool plant-based project began spreading earlier today when Crafts Jungle shared their project via Reddit:

Blip, blip, blip…duh duh duh, you caught a leafeon! Give your pokemon a nickname? from r/pokemon

As you can see, this project focuses around Leafeon in a setting that would be super comfortable for them — right alongside some nature. Of course, while we’ve seen some other terrific creations in the Pokemon community, this has an air of professionalism. Despite being hand-crafted, this project is available for purchase if you are willing to part with $55.

Of course, if you don’t fancy yourself a Grass Type fan, Crafts Jungle also has you covered in some more eclectic selections including one for the firey Torchic, surreal Braveiary/Talonflame, and pink-themed Clefairy and Wifflytuff. You can check out a gallery of what those Pokeballs look like below:

While all of those are visually interesting (and come in at a lower cost), it is evident that the Leafeon terrarium has a lot more thought and care behind it.

This is far from the only Pokemon craft that has been passed around as hype for recently-revealed Pokemon Sword and Shield grow. This includes a The Legend of Zelda themed Pokeball with an awesome Breath of the Wild vibe — which is currently being made using 3D printing. Additionally, Detective Pikachu has been ramping up both old and new fans — especially with how awesome Mewtwo’s reveal was in the latest trailer.

As mentioned above, you can grab one of these (or send one to the DualShockers office) if you are willing to part with $55 via Craft Jungle’s site. Meanwhile, if you are saving your money for more games, you can pre-order both Pokemon Sword and Shield on Amazon now, which is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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