Pokemon is Getting a PokeBall-Shaped Toy and the Promotional Art is Hilariously Wacky

Pokemon is Getting a PokeBall-Shaped Toy and the Promotional Art is Hilariously Wacky

A new Pokemon guessing game-based Pokeball toy, which releases later this month, uses more unorthodox promotional artwork in its advertisements.

Takara Tomy is releasing a new Pokemon PokeBall-shaped toy on April 27th, one which comes with some hilarious and over-the-top promotional art and video. The video depicts a young child as he plays with the toy and throughout it, we get treated to some extreme artwork that would fit in better with an adult anime.

The toy is essentially a guessing game program that uses a simple AI, in which the person thinks of a Pokemon and then answers questions given by the toy as it tries to guess the correct one.

After three questions it makes its guess and if it’s right, the answer is recorded in its databank for future use. If it’s wrong, the toy repeats three more questions. For instance, the toy might ask “Is the Pokemon Yellow?” and you respond with either “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know.”

There’s also a battle mode that you can play with your family and friends, in which you compete to see who can reach their answer the fastest. The basics of that are also shown in the video above.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was recently announced for Nintendo Switch during a Nintendo Direct in February. You can check out the extensive amount of screenshots, artwork, and the trailer featuring the new region and starter Pokemon.

Meanwhile there’s a contest being held for fans to name the strongest steel-type move. The move is described as a special attack, with 140 attack power. It deals heavy damage to the enemy but also cuts in half the current HP of the one using it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are slated to release later this year. You can preorder the games here and here.

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