Sinnoh Remake, Pokemon Snap and More Pokemon Presents Direct Predictions

Here are five predictions for tomorrow's presentation.

February 25, 2021

Surprising nobody, The Pokemon Company has announced that tomorrow, February 26, they will be hosting a brand new Pokemon Presents Presentation. The showcase falls a day before “Pokemon Day” and, coincidentally, the day before the franchise turns 25. The rumour mill has been churning wildly for the last few weeks and now it’s our time to make some guesses. Here are our Pokemon Presents Predictions.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes are real

Let’s start this off easily. These rumours have been flying about for a while now and credibility has been growing. More and more sources are “leaking” that the remakes of Diamond and Pearl are coming and, realistically, it just makes sense.


Diamond and Pearl are the oldest games in the series that have yet to receive the remake treatment, after Red and Blue have multiple times, Gold and Silver have had Heart Gold and Soul Silver and Ruby and Sapphire have also been remade.

Alongside the Pokemon franchise, Diamond and Pearl also celebrate a big milestone this year, turning 15, and what better way to celebrate than being remade to the world.

I hope it’s more of a traditional remake, rather than “Let’s GO Sinnoh” which has been rumoured more recently, but we shall see.

Pokemon Snap gets a deep-dive

One of the biggest surprises of last year was the fact that Pokemon Snap is being revived. The N64 classic came out 22 years ago and it was easy to think that The Pokemon Company had moved on, but alas.

While the title was announced last year, we have received very few details about it ahead of its launch in just over two months time. Tomorrow’s presentation presents a perfect opportunity to build hype and grab a few more pre-orders.

We get some big Pokemon GO anniversary news

The third Pokemon title to celebrate a big anniversary this year is Pokemon GO. It’s been a whole five-years since the world came together, to chase Charizards and hunt Hypnos and what a time that was.

It goes without saying that Niantic will want to have a blowout celebration for the milestone and what better time to announce it than this presentation?

We get an update on the other Pokemon Mobile titles

The Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite, is set to debut in Canada this month when the beta releases. It makes sense that this presentation will share further details about how the beta will roll out and when the full game plans to release.

Pokemon Sleep, remember that? Yeah, not many people do. An unusual title that was announced and then seemingly forgotten about. It was due to release last year, but that date came and went. Here’s hoping that we get some more information on it tomorrow.

We get another revival of a popular Pokemon spin-off

The mainline Pokemon games are fantastic and loved the world over. However, there is a heap of old Pokemon spin-offs that The Pokemon Company has waiting in the wings.

Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Coliseum, Pokemon Puzzle League – I’d take any of them, and with Pokemon Snap coming back, I feel like there’s a shot.

There you have it, DualShockers Pokemon Presents Predictions – let us know what you think in the comments below.

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