Pokemon Red is Now Playable – In Someone’s Twitter Avatar

Pokemon Red is Now Playable – In Someone’s Twitter Avatar

Pokemon Red version is now playable in a brand new and unique medium -- cooperatively through someone's Twitter avatar.

Twitter user Constantin Liétard seems to have taken inspiration from the famous Twitch Plays Pokemon craze of 2014, as they decided to take the concept of massive cooperative gameplay up to eleven. Thanks to some truly impressive ingenuity you can play Pokemon Red through their Twitter avatar:

So for those who want to join in the fun, simply go to the above comment and reply to it with one of the listed comments. There’s a 15 second delay between input and follow through. They also created a temporary Discord server so that players can discuss their inputs with each and better coordinate:

By refreshing their Twitter page, you can actually see the game’s progress. It’s a fun and interesting idea and I can’t wait to see how far it goes. Considering that the aforementioned Twitch Plays Pokemon account managed to complete every gen current to that point, I have high hopes for this playthrough as well.

According to Nintendo’s recent financial results, Pokemon Sword and Shield are now the third best selling Pokemon games of all time. The pair have now sold 18.22 million copies in just nine months and sit just behind Gold and Silver in the lifetime sales chart. And if you’re one of those buyers, reading up on our guide on how to train Pokemon EVs and breed perfect IVs for competitive play is a great way to learn how to strengthen your team.

From Nintendo’s nine-month earnings report, it was revealed that Sword and Shield has sold more than 16 million copies since its November release, becoming the biggest highlight in an already strong fiscal year for the company. The latest NPD data, the latest installment in the long running series has the highest launch month dollar sales in Pokemon franchise history. And for the month of November, Sword was the third best selling game, the double pack including both titles ranking at fourth place, and Shield being in fifth place. However, if you combined those sales then total it would bring them to the number two spot.

Pokemon Sword and Shield released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th, 2019. Meanwhile check out our in-depth review for the game here, in which the News Editor states that “Sword and Shield are a lot of fun, even if the series is experiencing growing pains with the transition to home consoles.” You can purchase Sword here and Shield here.

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