Romain Jerome’s Tourbillion Pokemon Watch Can Be Yours for Only $258,000

Romain Jerome’s Tourbillion Pokemon Watch Can Be Yours for Only $258,000

Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome has a new timepiece featuring the Pokemon cost with beautiful art that can be yours for only the price of a house.

Pokemon has spawned a plethora of merchandise for fans in the decades since its introduction, while Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome might have made the ultimate piece of PokeMerch if you happen to have a few hundred-thousand dollars to spare.

After releasing a limited edition Pikachu watch last year – which was limited to 20 pieces for $20,000 a pop – watchmaker Romain Jerome is upping the ante for Pokemon fans with brand new watch inspired by the mega-popular game series. The only catch, however, is the price-tag: a whopping $258,000.

The new Tourbillion watch (as part of the company’s RJ x Kem series) features a variety of Pokemon from the first few generations on its face and a customized lightning bolt-shaped dial, along with an oscillating weight featuring Pikachu and many of the series’ most iconic pocket monsters on the watch’s back. A full description of the watch from RJ can be found below:

Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the subjects portrayed on the dial—which already make it unique—the Tourbillon Pokémon is an exceptional timepiece thanks to its high level of craftsmanship. The dial, made entirely by hand, required hundreds of hours to create due to the numerous colours present which needed to be created and then hand-filled one by one. The case back was equally thought through, and we can admire the oscillating weight of the self-winding tourbillon—laser-shaped like a lightning bolt—and Pikachu seen from the back.

For a closer look at the watch (and perhaps to stare longingly at it), you can click here and head over to Romain Jerome.