Pokemon Rumble Rush Announced For iOS, Android

Pokemon Rumble Rush Announced For iOS, Android

Pokemon Rumble Rush, launching in the next few hours. is based on 3DS Eshop game Pokemon Rumble World.

The Pokemon Company announced on May 15 Pokemon Rumble Rush for iOS and Android. The game’s official site was opened as well. The game already launched in Australia, meaning it’ll probably launch in the next few hours in other regions. The game is titled Pokemon Scramble SP in Japan, and the Japanese official site mentions it’ll launch “in the next few days”, and that a trailer will be “coming soon” as well.

The Japanese press release also mentions how Pokemon Rumble Rush is actually Pokeland, a mobile game first announced in 2017, but that was never released.


Basically, Pokemon Rumble Rush is a new mobile game based on Pokemon Rumble World, the free to play, action Pokemon game on 3DS. Pokemon Rumble Rush takes place on an island that is rumored to contain pokemon from all regions of the Pokemon world. Players need to survey the island by exploring it with their own pokemon and battle the wild pokemon on their path. The game uses simple touch controls and includes micro-transactions.

Needless to say, Pokemon Rumble Rush has nothing to do with the other Pokemon mobile game that was recently announced by DeNA, which is supposed to come out by March 2020.

Meanwhile, the next main Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, will launch in 2019 on Switch, and we should learn more about them during E3.