The Trendy Pokemon Shirts from Original Stitch Are Making Their Way to the West

The Trendy Pokemon Shirts from Original Stitch Are Making Their Way to the West

If you've ever wanted a stylish Jigglypuff shirt, now is your chance as Original Stitch's line of Pokemon shirts will make their way West.

Pokemon has been no stranger to eclectic merchandise over the years, and with the franchise containing so many beloved and well-known characters, the possibilities for unique collectibles is almost limitless. Naturally, if you’re looking for stylish Pokemon-themed clothing, you won’t have to look much further than Original Stitch’s line of excellent Pokemon-themed shirts.

During The Pokemon Company’s press conference detailing some of its new Pokemon-related projects, the company revealed that the line of Pokemon shirts from Original Stitch, which were previously only available in Japan, will be coming to North America and Europe in the near future, which are available from their online store.

The shirts themselves are customizable in a number of ways from the overall size, to the collar width, to the sleeve length, and numerous designs all based around the original 151 Pokemon from the original generation. They’re on the pricey side as most of the shirts start at around $100, but if you’re a fan of any particular Pokemon, the Original Stitch shirts are a classy and fashionable way to show off that love.

Other than the news that the shirts will be making their way West to territories like North America and Europe, The Pokemon Company said that this would only be the start as far as making them accessible to more regions around the world. Thankfully, that means now everyone will be able to show off their favorite Pokemon in style, so I can eventually get myself a nice Charizard or Dragonite button-up.