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These Pokémon Shirts Are Actually Pretty Stylish

Normalize Pokémon-based clothing NOW.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. Generic Pokémon shirts. I’ve seen it a million times–they might be good to wear around the house, but I won’t be able to go out in public without showing some embarrassingly high nerd-levels.” That’s certainly what I expected when I first heard about the new line of shirts from the Pokémon Company. That’s what I thought when I went to Original Stitch’s website to start designing my own.

But you know what? These designs are actually pretty great. They feature generation one Pokémon, and each one is cool and unique. Some are flashy and some are subtle, but they all stay true to the source material, and they are all pretty stylish. Go ahead and pull one out for that crucial first date this weekend.

The real achievement here is that every shirt looks and feels different. The colors are appropriate to each Pokémon, and the design choices reflect some aspect of its character. For example, Gengar’s shirt features the Pokémon alongside a spooky tree, whereas Gastly sits by some little tombstones. Raichu’s gives off 90s, Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air vibes, and Butterfree’s looks like an adult coloring book. Zubat’s design actually looks like a legitimate business casual shirt. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to a stuffy office job wearing a Pokémon on your shirt, but if you accessorize appropriately, anything is possible.

The main idea, of course, is to just be true to yourself. That’s what this touching promo video for the new line of shirts is about. In it, you’ll see an older gentleman make a new friend through fashion and their mutual love of Pokémon. They both like Charmander rather than Squirtle, though, so I don’t know if you can really trust them.

You’ll be able to get the Pokémon designs on three different styles of shirts: casual, dress, and Hawaiian. They are available for both men and women, and every shirt costs $100. Get started on your own at Original Stitch.

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