First Level of Pokémon Snap Shown Running on a 3DS; No Plans for Actual Release

December 27, 2016

Youtube user Ganjulationess3DS has uploaded a video showing Pokémon franchise classic Pokémon Snap running on a Nintendo 3DS system. The level itself was ripped from the original Nintendo 64 game.

Though key features like Pester Ball throwing, Pokéflute playing, and creature animations are absent, the video does detail the project’s use of the system’s dual screens, as film, a map, items, and the player’s most recent photograph are displayed on the bottom screen, whereas the actual gameplay itself is taking place on the top screen.

As interesting as this project sounds, the user has taken to the video’s comment section to state that he or she has no intention of releasing it to the public, though he/she does plan on sharing the camera control, picture taking, and path scripts running on the Unity engine, as these have nothing to do with Nintendo assets.

The user went on to say that, feasibly, “people can make the project themselves and decide what they want to use it for – could be a nature photography game.”

Just last week, Nintendo issued a cease and desist order for fan project Pokémon Prism, stating that it “undercut the hard work and dedication of the highly creative people and innovative staff at Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, who have worked for over 2o years on the Pokémon franchise.”

The aforementioned video can be found below:

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