New Pokemon Snap Pre Order Bonus - What's Actually Included?

Here's where you can get free merch when preordering New Pokemon Snap.

Today’s Pokemon Presentation gave fans a lot to be excited for. The announcements of both a Sinnoh remake for the Switch and an open-world style Pokemon action RPG would have been enough for most fans. Luckily, however, the Pokemon Company had more instore in the form of an extended look at the upcoming New Pokemon Snap. The game looks great and as it’s nearly a month away from launching everyone’s wondering about what comes in each retailer’s New Pokemon Snap pre order bonus.

Currently, there are only two retailers who are offering any sort of significant preorder bonuses: Target and Gamestop.

The Gamestop preorder is pretty much in line with a lot of their other preorder bonuses. If you buy the game early through them, you can expect a double-sided poster that features New Pokemon Snap‘s box art on one side and a concept art illustration on the other.

Target’s preorder bonus is a little more reminiscent of the old Blockbuster Pokemon Snap station. Preordering the game through Target you can expect to get a magnetic New Pokemon Snap picture frame. This will hold any picture you like, New Pokemon Snap related or not, however, the dimensions of the frame aren’t available currently so it’s unclear what size photos it will hold.

It doesn’t seem like any more retailers are planning on getting their hand on the proverbial ball of the New Pokemon Snap pre order bonus, but if more announce anything, we’ll let you know.

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