New Pokemon Snap - Todd Returns but Who is he?

I’ve played a lot of good games this year and there are plenty more that I’m excited for, however, at this point in time, I’d be hard-pressed to find a game I’m looking forward to more than New Pokemon Snap.

I’m a sucker for the N64, it’s arguably my favourite console of all time, and Pokemon Snap was one of the most creative and interesting titles on the system, at least for eight year old me.

With that in mind, when the new title was revealed last year, you can imagine my excitement.

As the release date is now upon us, players begin to enter the Lentil Region, meeting characters new and old including a semi-recognisable face, for some at least. Let’s take a look at the Pokemon Snap stalwart Todd and his history.

  • REVEAL – New Pokemon Snap is Announced for Nintendo Switch

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Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution has arrived!

Who is Todd?

Todd is the protagonist of the original Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64.

He travelled to Pokemon Island on the request of Professor Oak to take photo’s of a range of different Pokemon to aid his research.

What Does Todd do in New Pokemon Snap?

Sadly, not a lot.

Players take control of a brand new protagonist in the game and Todd is there for not much more than moral support.

He appears in range of different cutscenes and aids the player character as they try to hone their photography skills.

Todd’s image has come a long way since the original games, and for many, he may be unrecognisable.

Where Else has he Appeared?

So, Todd’s first appearance in the world of Pokemon didn’t actually come in Pokemon Snap.

Instead, he first appeared in the Anime, in an episode titled Pokemon Paparazzi.

He appeared a few more times in the series before retiring to Pokemon Island to help out Professor Oak with his projects.

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