Pokémon Sun and Moon July’s “CoroCoro” Issue Reveals Two New Pokémon: Normal/Fighting and Ghost/Fairy

on July 12, 2016 9:34 PM

According to new scans from the July issue of CoroCoro magazine, two new Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon have been revealed. Keep in mind that the translation is still rough as of now and the Pokémon names have no official English version (credit to Serebii for said translation):

The bear is called Kiteruguma and is a Normal/Fighting with the abilities Fluffy and Klutz. People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It’s really strong and can break anything in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is too strong and raising one puts your life in danger.

The ghost is Mimitsukiyu and is Ghost/Fairy with the ability of False Colors. Mimitsukiyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumored that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don’t try to remove the cloth as it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness. Mimitsukiyu’s costume is based on Pikachu merchandise that was popular 20 years ago; it wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is.

You can check out the scans posted just below.

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