Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Latest Trailer Shows New Pokemon & Features; Games Will Run 12 Hours Apart

on September 6, 2016 11:21 AM

After PokeMania swept through in July with Pokemon GO, players will get to experience a whole new generation of the pocket monsters with the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon, with a new trailer showing several of the new features coming to the game this fall.

A new trailer was released by The Pokemon Company showcasing several new features and some new faces that will be arriving for Pokemon Sun & Moon this fall, including a new addition to the Pokedex for players to take pictures of Pokemon in the wild called the Poke Finder, reminiscent of taking photos in the N64 classic Pokemon Snap.

In addition to the photo taking features, players can also meet new human characters from the Aether Foundation, a group of researchers located in the Alola region that are researching the Pokemon wildlife, and also showing Gladden, one of the key members of the villainous Team Skull.

Along with the new features, the trailer also shows that each version for Pokemon Sun & Moon will be running 12 hours a part, which will make the story paths slightly different between the two versions and also have events play out differently based on the altered day/night cycles (Sun will take place early in the day, while Moon will take place at night).

Pokemon Sun & Moon will release for 3DS on November 18th, 2016 – you can check out the latest trailer for the titles below:

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