Pokémon Sun and Moon Director Explains Whacky Pokémon Designs

Pokémon Sun and Moon Director Explains Whacky Pokémon Designs

Game Freak is not losing it, people. The developer knows full well that some of its Pokémon designs for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are a bit stranger than usual. They’re just having some fun.

Speaking with Kotaku, director of Sun and Moon Shigeru Ohmori said Game Freak wanted to do something special for the series’ 20th anniversary — and part of that something was to make a few funny monsters.

“For the 20th anniversary, we wanted to have a lot of special surprises…we wanted a funny element,” Ohmori explained. “At the same time, we had to find a balance of cool ones, serious ones. We looked at the Alola region as a whole and thought about that ecosystem.”

The Alola region is supposed to be extra hot. With that in mind came the creation of one of Game Freak’s most bizarre Pokémon yet: a long-headed Exeggutor (shown above).

“When the designers first came up with the idea, the background is that the sun in Alola is so strong, that [Exeggutor] just keeps growing and growing.”

The heat also explains the new shirtless professor.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch for 3DS on November 18.