The 24 Hour Livestream for Pokemon Sword and Shield Has Been Quite Boring So Far

The 24 Hour Livestream for Pokemon Sword and Shield Has Been Quite Boring So Far

A 24-Hour livestream is being held for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and a whole lot of nothing has happened thus far.

Compared to the lead up for previous Pokemon games, Game Freak, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo are being a bit more reserved in what they share about Pokemon Sword and Shield before its release. While there has been a recent divulgence of information thanks to Game Informer’s cover story on the game, we still don’t know too much about it just over a month before launch. That’s one of the reasons why some fans, at least the ones not angry about the National Dex, were looking forward to today’s 24-hour “research” livestream that is set in a new area called Glimwood Tangle. Unfortunately, it has been pretty boring so far.

Slow teaser livestreams like this have been done before, but they have never really been my thing. Back in February, Respawn Entertainment and EA did something similar for Apex Legends before it was officially revealed, and in May Kojima Productions did one for Death Stranding. That being said, even those livestreams were a bit more interesting than this Pokemon Sword and Shield one. Apex Legends’ stream consistently switched locations and even spliced in quick gameplay clips, while Death Stranding’s covered the screen with a consistently moving substance with the 8-minute trailer playing on loop behind it.

Currently, this Pokemon stream has just had fans in Glimwood Tangle listening to the same looped music track while Pokemon pop out or cry out occasionally. Though we have seen the likes of Impidimp, Morelull, Swirlix, Phantump, and some unspecified new Pokemon thus far, they barely have done anything of note and large gaps of time have passed between those appearances. Hopefully, the stream will pick up as we get closer to its conclusion. Until then, we can just appreciate memes like this that are coming from the livestream:

If you want to watch the livestream in case they do end up showing something cool soon, you can watch it below. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 15 and are currently available to pre-order on Amazon.

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