Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets a Final Hype Trailer in Japan

The Japanese Official Pokemon YouTube channel published a hype-filled final trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

So you already know the next-gen of Pokemon is starting later this week with Pokemon Sword and Shield on Switch. And you might have noticed how the trailers released for the game are pretty different in Japan than in the rest of the world. As such, the Japanese Official Pokémon YouTube channel published on November 11 the “Final” trailer for Sword and Shield before its worldwide launch on November 15.

The trailer is all the hype you could wish for, with no narration, and just some gameplay sequences showing everything cool in the game. We’ve got giant pokemons, cute girls, nice guys, curry, and Sirfetch’d. Like, how can you look at Sirfetch’d going SSJ and not think “I need to play this”.

While I personally won’t get it at launch, I definitely believe Pokemon Sword and Shield is a good contender to be one of the best Pokemon games ever. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint. You should read more about the game systems if you’re interested.  Toby Fox also made a track for the OST. 

Nintendo also released an iconic commercial for Pokemon Sword and Shield, retracing all the previous main Pokemon games in their original graphics. Game Freak also announced we won’t see another Pokemon Let’s Go game anytime soon, and discussed how developing two versions of the same game works.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on Switch on November 15. You can preorder either version on Amazon.

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