Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets New First Town Footage, Map of "Wild Area" Revealed

Along with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield footage is a good first look at the Wild Area in both its size and geography.

The Pokemon Secret Member Club has uploaded some footage of the first town in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The new video, while similar to the one shown during Gamescon, has a few key differences. The first being that it showcases even more pure footage of the first town, as opposed to the truncated version in the Direct.

We can also see that the protagonist used in this video is the male trainer versus the female one from before. And finally the background music is different as well:

The cover of the upcoming Pokemon guidebook by CoroCoro, the Pokemon Sword and Shield Fastest Guidebook, has been revealed online and features a look at a poster that comes with the book. This poster features a map of the Wild Area in the game, which shows off the scope and size of it:

Game Informer had previously reported that the title will feature 18 gyms. But developer Game Freak has clarified that statement by saying it won’t feature that many gyms. However, there could have been other game mechanic shakeups, such as the number of moves Pokemon have.

In other recent news a new form for Farfetch’d called Sirfetch’d and a new form of Ponyta was revealed. We also found out that HMs won’t appear and the games will feature autosaving. Additionally, instead of exp. share returning to the series, experience points will be distributed evenly to each Pokemon in your party.

There are two other trailers for the game as well. The first showed off Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and evolutions, a new Pokemon, and new rivals. The second showcased more gameplay, new abilities, moves, and held items.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Meanwhile check out a write-up from one of our DualShockers own, in which he claims this will be the series title to reignite his passion for the series. You can preorder Sword here and Shield here.

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