Pokemon Sword and Shield Won't Have 18 Gyms After All

After reporting that 18 gyms will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Game Freak has clarified how many gyms will be in the games.

After Game Informer reported that Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature 18 gyms, developer Game Freak has clarified that statement by saying it won’t feature that many gyms.

“Game Informer have recieved a follow up from their original article about the Gym statement reported on October 1st,” says a statement via “With this, they state that they were told that there will be a similar amount of gyms to battle as prior games, but some do change between version as seen with Bea’s fighting-type Gym in Sword and Allister’s Ghost-type in Shield. In the game’s lore, however, there are 18 across the league. As reported back in July, there are eight gym badges to collect in the game. We’ll provide full details on this as and when it comes so keep checking back.”

Among the other news announced yesterday is HMs won’t appear and the games will feature autosaving. Additionally, instead of exp. share returning to the series, experience points will be distributed evenly to each Pokemon in your party. Game Freak has also announced Sirfetch’d, an evolution of Farfetch’d that’s exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on Nintendo Switch on November 15. If you’re looking for more Sword and Shield info, you can check out Game Informer asking Game Freak 101 questions about the games.

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