Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets Zeraora Raid to Celebrate Expansion Launch

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion The Isle of Armor launches today. To celebrate, a new Max Raid Battle featuring Zeraora is now available.

The first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass is available right now. To celebrate The Isle of Armor‘s release, the brand new Max Raid Battle featuring Zeraora is also now available.

There is also an opportunity for Pokemon Sword and Shield players to get their very own Zeraora. If one million trainers defeat Zeraora in a Max Raid Battle, everyone will receive a Shiny Zeraora. If you are wondering what the shiny version of the mythical pokemon looks like, it has white fur instead of yellow fur. This challenge will only be around from June 17 to June 28.

There are a few requirements you will need to adhere to if you want to receive your free Shiny Zeraora. Here is everything you need to know about the new Max Raid Battle according to today’s Pokemon Presents:

  • Must move a Pokemon between Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sword and Shield during the event (June 17-June 28).
  • Shiny Zeraora will be gifted via the mobile version of Pokemon Home.
  • The Max Raid Battle Zeraora cannot be caught.
  • An internet connection and latest Wild Area News are required to challenge Zeraora.
  • You automatically receive the Wild Area News when the Switch is connected to the internet.
  • Compatible smart device is required.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion The Isle of Armor is the first to be released for the game. It features a new dojo here you will train under master Mustard and receive the pokemon Kubfu. This pokemon will let you take part in the Towers of Two Fists challenges. Completing one of the two towers — the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters — will evolve your Kubfu into Urshifu. Also, the tower you choose will determine Urshifu’s fighting style.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch. The next expansion, The Crown Tundra, will launch sometime in Fall 2020.

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