Pokemon Sword and Shield Might Be Adding Auto-Save Feature for First Time in Series

Pokemon Sword and Shield may be getting an auto-save feature, a first in the franchise. No more double saving to make sure you saved.

September 8, 2019

Earlier last week during the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo released a brand new trailer for the upcoming title Pokemon Sword and Shield, which showed off four features of the game. But there seems to be a hidden fifth feature that hasn’t been officially mentioned as of yet, one that would be pretty big news for the franchise.

If you pay close attention to when the protagonist enters the clothing store, you’ll notice something very interesting (look at the top right corner of the screenshot):

See it yet? And the trailer didn’t pull up a quick menu save either because it pops up right when the character enters the stores. This gif should demonstrate that a bit more clearly:

So starting with this game, we might be getting an auto-save mechanic. Which, in my humble opinion, would be a godsend since I wouldn’t worry about forgetting to save constantly. The ideal way to implement it would be the Fire Emblem Three Houses approach: having separate manual and autosave slots that work as backups of each other. Hopefully this new feature is formally introduced soon in an upcoming trailer.

There are two other recent trailers for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first showed off Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and evolutions, a new Pokemon, and new rivals. The second showcased more gameplay, new abilities, moves, and held items. There’s also a new video, narrated by Shigeru Ohmori, as he tours players around an unnamed town in in the game. While it seems to be a location from early on in the game, it is still quite robust and differentiates itself from previous towns with its location on the side of a hill.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Meanwhile check out a write-up from one of our DualShockers own, in which he claims this will be the series title to reignite his passion for the series. You can preorder Sword here and Shield here.

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