Modder Imports Cut Pokémon into Sword and Shield Only Days After Launch

A modder has already found a way of importing Pokémon from the Let's Go titles into Sword and Shield only days after launch.

Things have been a bit rocky for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Originally, Game Freak found fans getting upset about the fact the new game wouldn’t include all Pokémon from previous games. Things escalated when players who got hands on the game early started leaking character models that appeared to be reused assets from Pokémon Sun and Moon and Let’s Go games. Game Freak had previously stated that they were making the characters from scratch, so this resulted in #GameFreakLied trending on Twitter last week.

While many fans seem to be enjoying the game, it seems someone has been busy ensuring the left out Pokémon are included. This comes only days after the games launch with videos surfacing from a modder named ScriesM. Their videos show Omastar, one of the characters cut from Pokémon Sword and Shield, within the Nintendo Switch game.

Omastar’s inclusion shows full animations working in Sword and Shield and the character model is from the Let’s Go games. According to ScriseM, no additional changes were needed to import the character.

The initial tweet was posted on November 18 and shows Omastar in the Pokédex within Sword and Shield. They then updated the tweet to include the below video of the character flaunting its animations within the Pokédex.

SciresM then shows off a battle taking place with Omastar but acknowledges that the animations are a bit broken and stats are broken due to not fixing the personal entry.

They mention that the battle animation above is an edited Yamper which hasn’t been given legitimate moves yet. But they do go on to confirm that despite editing Yamper to show Omastar, Yamper remains in the game.

They do go on to explain that a lot more work and research is needed.

So while the base game doesn’t include all of the Pokémon that fans are dearly missing, it seems like with more tinkering from modders they’ll be on track with introducing more characters to the game. Of course, with modding game files, I’m always very wary about breaking the game, so it’s probably worth ensuring you’re comfortable with making such changes to the game files.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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