Pokemon Sword and Shield Apparently Sees Over 100 Moves from Past Games Not Returning

Iconic Pokemon from the past aren't the only things that will be missing in Sword and Shield.

Even though Pokemon Sword and Shield don’t formally release until later this week, the game has reportedly already found its way into the hands of some players. As such, more information about the latest games in the beloved series have started to come about, but this latest news might not be something that some prospective players will be thrilled to hear.

Based on some new datamined information from Pokemon Sword and Shield, many moves that have previously been included throughout the franchise’s history won’t be returning in the latest versions. Over 100 moves in total won’t be appearing in Sword and Shield, with some of the most iconic ones being left on the cutting room floor including Karate Chop, Double Slap, Dragon Rage, and Magnitude.

Furthermore, if you transfer a Pokemon over to Sword and Shield that already knows one of the moves that is no longer able to be used in the game, you’ll receive a message supposedly telling you that you now need to forget it. The full list of moves that won’t be making the cut can be found here.

This latest news on Sword and Shield is somewhat similar to the ongoing “controversy” surrounding the non-inclusion of many beloved Pokemon in the games. The “National Dex” situation, as it has come to have been called, stems from Game Freak’s removal of hundreds of Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Essentially, not every Pokemon that has ever existed up to this current point in time will be seen within the latest iterations, much to the dismay of a large portion of fans.

Personally, I think the removal of certain moves from past Pokemon titles is more than fine and is less egregious than the removal of actual Pokemon. Many Pokemon games of the past have moved on from featuring certain moves that were widely used in past entries. That said, it is strange to hear that the game will seemingly prompt you to delete said moves altogether. We’ll have to wait and see if all of the “controversy” surrounding these latest two Pokemon titles will be warranted or not once they are finally in the hands of fans.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to finally launch later this week on November 15 for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned after launch to read our review on the latest entries in the beloved RPG series.

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