Pokemon Sword and Shield Brand New Trailer Showcases New Abilities, Moves, and Battle Items

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer shows off some new features and mechanics that are guaranteed to shake up the competitive scene.

Pokemon Sword and Shield received a brand new trailer today from the official Pokemon Youtube channel. Not only do we get more gameplay but there’s plenty of new content making a debut such as new abilities, moves, and held items. And while the additions may seem small, any competitive battler can tell you how much these changes will shake up the competitive scene:

The first new ability belongs to Galarian Weezing and it’s called Neutralizing Gas, which cancels out all other Pokemon’s abilities during battle. There’s also two new items called Room Service and Eject Pack. Room Service lowers Speed during the effects of Trick Room and Eject Pack causes the Pokemon to automatically switch out if their stats are lowered.

A new attack, Breaking Swipe, lowers the Attack power of all Pokemon hit with the move. Corviknight, the brand new Flying/Steel type, has a Hidden Ability called Mirror Armor. This reflects any stat affecting attacks back at the user. Finally it’s been revealed that Dynamax Power allows Pokemon to shrug off moves that cause flinching. Not to mention that Dynamax moves have secondary effects.

These new additions will be exciting to see in action to say the least. Not to mention I love how over the top and cartoony the battle animations are, especially during the Dynamax battles.

Another recent trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield showed off Team Yell, new Pokemon forms and evolutions, a new Pokemon, and new rivals.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Meanwhile check out a write-up from one of our DualShockers own, in which he claims this will be the Pokemon title to reignite his passion for the series, which totes that “…we may have another classic generation on our hands.” You can preorder Sword here and Shield here.

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