Pokemon Sword and Shield Video Highlights a New Town

Pokemon Sword and Shield Video Highlights a New Town

The latest trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield has the game's Director tour players around a new early-game town.

While Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield did skip out on Gamescom 2019, August has definitely not been devoid of Pokemon news. Last week, several welcome additions to the games’ multiplayer as well as new items and abilities were revealed during the Pokemon World Championships. Today, a new video was released that is a bit quieter, but showcases a town that has not been seen outside of one screenshot.

The video is narrated by Shigeru Ohmori, who tours players around this still unnamed town. While it seems to be a location from early on in the game, it is still quite robust and differentiates itself from previous towns with its location on the side of a hill. During this virtual tour, we get to see the Pokemon Research Lab and Professor Magnolia as well as the new designs for clothing shops and Pokemon Centers.

Shigeru Ohmori also uses this video to introduce the train stations located around the Galar region that players can use to travel from town to town if they don’t want to use the previously revealed Flying Taxi service with Corviknight. As Galar is based on the UK, the prevalence of train stations is quite fitting, though their use in the late-game remains to be seen.

You can check out the full video below. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now.

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