Pokemon Sword and Shield Gets an Overview Trailer Reintroducing Every New Mechanic

The Japanese overview trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield explains everything about the first main Pokemon game on Switch.

Nintendo published the Japanese overview trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Other versions of the trailer have yet to be published, but this is Pokemon we’re talking about, a series which didn’t change that much after two decades, so you won’t miss anything even if you don’t understand the language. Plus I’m here to summarize it.

The first part of the trailer introduced some of the pokemon in the game and explained how some previous-gen pokemon are coming back with new Galar versions. The following part introduced the pokemon battles between trainers, and the various rivals the players will meet in this brand-new Pokemon game. We also got the gyms and their charismatic gym leaders.

Next, we got a quick glimpse of exploration in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is probably what piques my interest the most. We also got a quick introduction to the Max Raid Battles, fights pitting 4 trainers against gigantic pokemon called “Gigantamax pokemon” in English. You can capture these pokemon if you manage to defeat them.

Another aspect I’m interested in is character customization, which seems pretty nice in this episode. You can also customize your own trainer card to share with other players. We also saw the quest system, which asks you to send a specific type of pokemon to help someone. And finally, there’s the camping mechanic.

As someone who followed Pokemon games since the franchise’s birth, Pokemon Sword and Shield is definitely the first Pokemon game that piqued my interest. While I won’t be getting it at launch, this is the first time I feel like playing Pokemon since when my interest completely died with how bland Diamond and Pearl was. Sword and Shield is also the first game which doesn’t make me think the switch from 2D to 3D was a mistake in terms of expressiveness or overall charisma. As a side note, I’ve never lost interest in the Pokemon anime, but I don’t have the time to follow it regularly anymore. And I absolutely don’t get people who hate the new animation started with Sun and Moon.

Nintendo also released a new commercial for Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find it below with the overview trailer.

A few days ago, Nintendo released a pretty iconic commercial for Pokemon Sword and Shield, showing all the previous main Pokemon games in their original graphics. Game Freaks also announced we won’t see another Pokemon Let’s Go game anytime soon, and discussed how developing two versions of the same game works.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on Switch on November 15. You can preorder either version on Amazon.

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