Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars - The Best and Most Expensive Card List

Collectors will be spoiled for choice when it comes to Brilliant Stars.

February 24, 2022

Pokemon TCG players have been waiting patiently for The Pokemon Company’s first expansion release in 2022 and we’re currently a few days away from Brilliant Stars’ release on February 25, 2022.

Up ahead, we list the best cards of this year’s first expansion and highlight the cards with the most eye-catching artwork.

Brilliant Stars set holds over 170 cards and features four brand-new VSTAR cards and 30 cards with special artwork. Brilliant Stars will also house 20 V cards and three VMAX cards with over 20 Trainer cards and a new Special Energy Card.

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Most Expensive Cards in Brilliant Stars

**All estimated prices have been taken from TCG Player at the time of writing**


Image from TCGPlayer

The second-rarest card of the Brilliant Stars Secret Rares is this gold Arceus VSTAR, currently worth $124.99.


Image from TCGPlayer

This Arceus VSTAR is another expensive card, currently worth $84.94.

Marnie’s Pride (Full Art) #171

Image from TCGPlayer

This Full Art trainer card is one of the high rollers of the set, currently worth $89.08.

Charizard VSTAR #018

Image from TCGPlayer

Another dragon appeared in the set, this time as a colorful VSTAR. The market price is currently sitting at $78.44.

Arceus VSTAR #123

Image from TCGPlayer

The star of Pokemon Legends: Arceus appears again as another VSTAR, currently worth $73.73.


Image from TCGPlayer

This gold-plated Ultra Ball is hurling in fast with a $50.24 market price.

Charizard V (Full Art) #153

Image from TCGPlayer

This Charizard V card is currently worth $54.64.


Image from TCGPlayer

The star of the set, Charizard, is present on many cards within Brilliant Stars, and this Rainbow Rare is sitting as the rarest card in the set at $350.00.

Best Artwork

There are so many worthy Full Art cards in this set that it was hard to narrow it down to a small handful of cards with the best artwork.

Eevee #TG11

Image from TCGPlayer

This Pokemon card is the very definition of an Alternate Full Art and it’s currently worth $10.00.

Mimikyu V #TG16

Image from TCGPlayer

This ghostly image paints another Alternate Art card featuring the haunting Pokemon Mimikyu and it’s currently worth $31.33.

Vaporeon #TG02

Image from TCGPlayer

Following on from the beautiful Alternate Arts of Evolving Skies, Vaporeon is back with this stunning card worth $10.20.

Arceus V (Alternate Full Art) #166

Image from TCGPlayer

The Pokemon Legends star is back again with this eye-catching Alternate Art, currently worth $122.00.

Charizard V (Alternate Full Art) #154

Image from TCGPlayer

Charizard is hot property in Brilliant Stars, however, this beautiful Alternate Art card – featuring Venusaur – is one Kanto collectors will be desperate for and it’s currently worth $197.43.

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