Pokemon TCG Celebrations - The Best and Most Expensive Cards List

It's almost time to celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary with the TCG.

By Jo Craig

October 5, 2021

The Celebrations expansion is perhaps the most anticipated set in a long time for Pokemon TCG players and collectors, as it commemorates 25 years of Pokemon.

October 8 will see the full release of the anniversary expansion, which splits into two collections: the regular collection and the classic collection. The full set will hold 25 original cards in addition to the 25 classic reprints and we highlight the most expensive cards of the set and the ones with the best artwork.

Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”

Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Video “Adventures Go On!”

Most Expensive Celebrations Cards

At the time of writing, TCGPlayer does not have exact prices for all of the cards below, but we can expect the following to be the most expensive of the set.

Venusaur #15 – Classic Collection


Reprints of the original three starters are bound to be some of the most sought-after cards of the Classic Collection, kicking off with Venusaur.

Blastoise #2 – Classic Collection


Next up will be the water type evolution of Squirtle and Wartortle and another sought-after starter. This card is currently sitting at around $100, which gives us a good indication of what the next card will be worth.

Charizard #4 – Classic Collection


The last of the three original starters, and by far the rarest, will of course be the reprint of Charizard that will no doubt sell for a pretty penny.

Full Art Base Set Pikachu #005


A slightly modified reprint of the first Pikachu card, with artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita, will be another card to watch out for and a must-have for collectors to celebrate the set. Early listings for this card are sitting at around $50.

Surfing Pikachu / Flying Pikachu – Ultra Rares


The two Surfing Pikachu Full Arts and the two Flying Pikachu Full Arts are four other expensive cards to be on the hunt for and early listings are marking these cards as worth approximately $100.

Gold Shiny Mew Full Art #025 – Secret Rare


The anniversary set would not be complete without a rare Mew card to chase after, and this gold, shiny version will be sitting on the expensive list.

Umbreon Star #17 – Classic Collection


Lastly, the reprint of the gold star Umbreon is expected to be one of the most expensive cards in the Celebrations expansion. Early listings for this card are sitting at around $250.

Best Artwork

Birthday Pikachu #24 – Classic Collection


This promo card won’t be as hard to obtain as the more expensive cards, but the artwork featuring Pikachu smiling over a birthday cake is the perfect card to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary.

Rocket’s Zapdos #15 – Classic Collection


One of the classic reprints is Rocket’s Zapdos, featuring some classic artwork that cannot be missed.

Dark Gyarados #8 – Classic Collection


Another classic reprint is Dark Gyarados, which is a wonderful throwback to the Team Rocket set.

M Rayquaza EX #76 – Classic Collection


A more modern Pokemon and card is the M Rayquaza EX, featuring the diving legendary Pokemon with an eye-widening design.

Zamazenta V #018 – Celebrations


The first of the Sword & Shield signature Pokemon carries some epic artwork in the expansion.

Zacian V #016 – Celebrations


The sword variant also features a solid design worth catching for your collection, and these V cards are sitting at around $40.

Some honorable mentions of the Celebrations set include the Ultra Rare Professor’s Research Full Art, the Holo Rare Ho-Oh and Mew, and the fossil-styled Holo Rare Reshiram that you can watch out for.

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