Pokemon TCG: Evolving Skies ETB and Mini Portfolio Receive Two-Week Delay in UK and Europe

Thankfully, it's only a few Evolving Skies products you'll have to wait for.

By Jo Craig

August 4, 2021

Pokemon TCG players and collectors will be looking forward to the end of the month when the next expansion, Evolving Skies, releases into the wild. August 27 was marked as the full release day for the expansion, which will see familiar products such as Elite Trainer Box, Booster Box and Blister Packs all up for grabs.

With the pandemic still lingering within the world and continuing to cause delays in various sectors, it wasn’t too surprising to hear of a delay to the release of some Evolving Skies products. However, UK distributor Asmodee has confirmed that this delay is not due to the pandemic.

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Asmodee Statement

News of the Evolving Skies delay comes via popular YouTuber Ptcgradio, who included a screenshot of Asmodee’s recent statement regarding the hiccup. The statement explains how Asmodee’s Evolving Skies launch shipment has been delayed in transit, by missing an important sea freight connection.

The statement continued by highlighting the two Evolving Skies products that have been affected: the Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Box and the Evolving Skies Mini Portfolio. ETBs are usually the most popular products to sell on release day, making this delay rather disappointing for collectors.

Asmodee ended the report by stating it will not be receiving any stock for the above items, meaning they will not arrive in time to launch on August 27. This message was reportedly communicated to various stores throughout the UK and parts of Europe. The YouTuber confirmed that there doesn’t seem to be any delays affecting the release of these products in the US.

More information on the delay is likely to follow within the coming weeks.

New Release Date for Evolving Skies ETB and Mini Portfolio

  • Ptcgradio shared Asmodee’s confirmation that the release of Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Box and Mini Portfolio products will be delayed by two weeks. This puts the products’ new release date in the UK and parts of Europe at around September 10.

For trainers who are affected by this delay, there is always the option to order Elite Trainer Boxes through the official website for the Pokemon Center, as there have been no reported delays pertaining to this outlet. However, limited stock applies.

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