Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike - The Best and Most Expensive Card List

The cute physic Pokemon, Mew, makes a comeback from the OG days of the franchise to headline this expansion.

November 9, 2021

Fusion Strike will be the last expansion for the Pokemon TCG before the year is out – releasing on November 12 – and it could also be the final set to release for Sword & Shield before Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release shortly on November 19.

The fresh, 260-card set will feature a host of Pokemon and Trainers alike with Single Strike and Rapid Strike making a return to gameplay. Fusion Strike will house 20 V cards and eight VMAX cards with 20 Trainer cards and a special Energy card.

Most Expensive Cards in Fusion Strike

**All estimated prices have been taken from TCG Player**

Training Court

Training Court should capture the nostalgia of playing Sword & Shield on the Switch for the first time, when you’re asked to pick your starter, and this card currently retails at $22.39.

Chandelure VMAX

Pulling the haunting silhouette of Chandelure merging with the rainbow backdrop will make you $24.99 richer.

Fire Energy

This glittering Energy card is one of two twinkling additions to the set, coming in at approximately $19.99.

Grass Energy

The Grass Energy, on the other hand, is sitting as the rarer of the two on the market, currently worth around $29.99.


Trainer Shauna sports a colorful design to add to the set and is worth about $24.49.

Shauna (Secret)

This trainer’s Secret Rainbow variant is sitting a little steeper at $27.49.


Flaafy is acting like the star of the show illuminated in this Secret gold card, worth around $29.99.

Genesect V

Aside from flaunting futuristic card art and bearing the new Fusion Strike, Genesect V is also worth a healthy $30.98.


The first Mew VMAX couldn’t get any cuter and should be able to be obtained a little easier with a market price of $34.42.

Power Tablet

The Secret gold card featuring the Power Tablet looks like a burst of energy that would surely get you moving in the morning and its market price is currently sitting at $34.90.

Mew V

Another of Mew’s full art cards features soft pastel colors and it is a must-have for fans of the pokemon. It is currently worth $34.98.

Elesa’s Sparkle

The serious-looking, Elesa, is the rarest trainer card in the set, worth approximately $43.56.

Genesect V

Colorful, cute, and sporting a unique design, this card kicks off the high rollers with a $66.24 market price.

Inteleon VMAX

This Alternate Art makes you want to join the pokemon in the sky and is currently worth around $89.99.


The second Mew VMAX is the third most expensive card in the set, sitting with a market price of $158.32.

Best Artwork

Gengar VMAX

Kanto collectors will be desperate to get their hands on this original yet terrifying design of Gengar. The most expensive card of the set is worth approximately $182.50.

Espeon VMAX

This Dynamax Espeon lying curled up on top of a house is a wonderful piece of art that needs to be part of your collection, and the price is currently sitting at $181.66.

Mew V

Designed in a similar style to the Genesect V, this Mew Alternate Full Art features the psychic pokemon surrounded by other friends and has a stained glass window-effect to its design. This Alternate card is currently worth $59.99.

Celebi V

In our opinion, the Celebi V card features the best artwork of the set, as the leaf pokemon flies over a snowy scene. This card is sitting at approximately $49.91.

Greedent V

Its face may be a tad annoying by now, but Greedent’s band of little ones makes undeniably great artwork and this card is currently worth $23.32.

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