Pokemon: Twilight Wings Explores Water-Type Gym Leader Nessa, English Dub Delayed

Pokemon: Twilight Wings' fourth episode debuts Water-type Gym Leader Nessa and her career choices. The English dub has been delayed into next week.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings debuted its fourth episode this week, which stars the Water Gym Leader Nessa as she struggles between her modeling and Leader careers thanks to some unintentionally harsh advice from Chairman Rose. We also get a glimpse into her childhood as she comforts an injured Feebas.

Normally the English dubbed version of each episode drops around the same time as the Japanese sub, but unfortunately this week it’s been delayed until April 24th. Meanwhile if you want a translation of the Japanese version, first enable Closed Captioning and then choose English subtitles. It’s not perfect but the automatic translation is quite good regardless and Pokemon fans should be able to fill in any blanks.

If you want an even more detailed breakdown of what makes this particular episode a standout in the already great animated adaptation, read up on this informative thread about the techniques and animation:

The series premiered back in March and so far has introduced characters such as Chairman Rose, Oleana, Hop, Leon, and Bea. However, this seems to be the most ambitious short yet, in both the story and scope of animation.

In huge news from Nintendo’s nine-month earnings report, released Thursday, it was revealed that Sword and Shield has sold more than 16 million copies since its November release, becoming the latest highlight in an already strong fiscal year for the company.

Two new expansion packs for the mainline games, called Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra, were announced with plenty of details. The former will launch in June 2020 and the latter sometime in Fall 2020. A remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch was also revealed and you can check out our preview of the demo here. Finally the new Pokemon Home service is set to drop in February and will be available for both the Switch and mobile devices with a variety of plans.

According to the latest NPD data, the latest installment in the long running series has the highest launch month dollar sales in Pokemon franchise history. And for the month of November, Sword was the third best selling game, the double pack including both titles ranking at fourth place, and Shield being in fifth place. However, if you combined those sales then total it would bring them to the number two spot.

In other recent news, Sword and Shield are already the eighth best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time at six million units sold during its launch weekend alone. And if you’re one of those buyers, reading up on our guide on how to train Pokemon EVs and breed perfect IVs for competitive play is a great way to learn how to strengthen your team.

Pokemon Sword and Shield released for Nintendo Switch on November 15th, 2019. Meanwhile check out our in-depth review for the game here, in which the News Editor states that “Sword and Shield are a lot of fun, even if the series is experiencing growing pains with the transition to home consoles.” You can purchase Sword here and Shield here.

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