Pokemon Unite: World Number One Player Gives Best Build For Every Pokemon

By Sam Woods

July 28, 2021

Pokemon Unite has been out for a little over a week now and players are really starting to find their feet with The Pokemon Company’s foray into the MOBA genre.

The game has been lauded for being relatively easy to learn, however, as with many games of this ilk, it’s notoriously difficult to master – especially when there are such an array of different Pokemon and Held Items. This has left many players wondering what the best build is for their favoured Pokemon in Unite.

Thankfully, over on Twitter, the world’s number one ranked player, bocky_sub, has broken down what he feels is the best build for all of the possible monsters and we’ve translated it here for you.

Pokémon UNITE Launch trailer

Pokémon UNITE Launch trailer

Pokemon Unite – Best Build for Every Attacker

Here is the best build for every Attacker* in Pokemon Unite:

  • Pikachu = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Buddy Barrier
  • Greninja = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Scope Lens or Assault Vest or Focus Band
  • Venusaur = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Focus Band or Sp.Atk Specs
  • Cramorant = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Buddy Barrier or Energy Amplifier
  • Alolan Ninetales = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Buddy Barrier
  • Cinderace = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Scope Lens or Buddy Barrier

*Unfortunately, at this point, Bocky has yet to reveal his best build for Gardevoir, but we’ll update this post in due course.

Pokemon Unite – Best Build for Every Speedster

For those who prefer the Speedster role, here is the best builds you will need:

  • Zeraora = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Energy Amplifier
  • Talonflame = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Energy Amplifier
  • Absol = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Energy Amplifier
  • Gengar = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Sp.Atk Specs

Best Build for Every All-Rounder

Anybody who plays All-Rounder, here are your best builds:

  • Lucario = Muscle Band/Scope Lens/Float Stone
  • Machamp = Muscle Band/Scope Lens/Float Stone or Focus Band
  • Charizard = Muscle Band/Energy Amplifier/Float Stone
  • Garchomp = Muscle Band/Float Stone/Scope Lens or Assault Vest or Focus Band

Best Build for Every Defender

For Defenders, here are your best options:

  • Snorlax = Focus Band/Buddy Barrier/EXP Share or Assault Vest
  • Slowbro = Focus Band/Buddy Barrier/EXP Share or Assault Vest
  • Crustle = Focus Band/Buddy Barrier/Score Shield or Assault Vest

Best Build for Every Supporter

Finally, here is the best build for every Supporter in Pokemon Unite.

  • Mr. Mime = Wise Glasses/Buddy Barrier/Shell Bell or Focus Band
  • Eldegoss = EXP Share/Focus Band/Buddy Barrier
  • Wigglytuff = Shell Bell/Wise Glasses/Buddy Barrier
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