Pokemon Unite - The Best Greninja Build Including Held Items and Moves

By Sam Woods

August 2, 2021

As time goes on, Pokemon Unite, the Pokemon MOBA, becomes more and more competitive.

Players become accustomed to the maps, the characters, playstyles and much more, making for a more challenging experience.

Because of this, it’s now vital that players use the best build for every Pokemon in the game, to ensure they have the highest chance of success.

One of the most popular Pokemon in the game is a Kalos starter, so here is the best build for Greninja in Pokemon Unite.

Greninja Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Greninja Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Greninja Best Pokemon Unite Build – Items You Should Use

Greninja falls into the attacker category in Pokemon Unite and there is a range of held items that work for the Pokemon.

The first you’re going to want is the Muscle Band, which will increase Greninja’s already impressive attack to the tune of 1% of the opposition’s missing HP.

Greninja also benefits heavily from using the Float Stone. It’s already a fairly quick Pokemon, but this item makes it even quicker when out of combat, allowing you to get to your next objective quickly.

Finally, it’s a choice between the Scope Lens, which increases Greninja’s critical hit damage or the Focus Band, which will help Greninja recover missing HP as well as boosting its Def/Sp. Def. Shell Bell is a suitable replacement for either of these items.

In terms of Battle Items, the Eject Button is best for Greninja, allowing you to teleport out of trouble quickly.

Greninja Best Moves

The best moveset for Greninja is almost universally agreed on, with Bubble, Surf and Smokescreen seen as the top picks, however, Surf can be replaced with Water Shuriken, especially if using the Shell Bell.

Its Unite Move is Waterburst Shuriken and deals AOE damage and slows opponents down.

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