Pokémon Unite or Wild Rift? Which Mobile MOBA Is Right for You?

September 24, 2021

With the growth of more in-depth mobile gaming options, Pokemon Unite and League of Legends Wild Rift are two MOBAs that will be vying for your time.

On September 22, The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Unite on mobile platforms. With their entry into the MOBA genre going mobile, Wild Rift is the game that comes to mind when thinking of pre-established MOBAs on phones already.

The two games have reasonably different gameplay and mechanics, whilst still being relatively deep. The question is, what do you want from a mobile game and which one’s gameplay will appeal to you the most?

Wild Rift’s official site can be found here and Unite’s here. Check these out if you want to see how to download them and more.

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Pokémon UNITE | Mobile Launch Trailer

Pokémon UNITE | Mobile Launch Trailer

Introductions Into the MOBA Genre

As entry points into MOBA style games, both are successful in helping new players get started. However, Unite is much more accessible at a glance.

One reason for this is that Pokemon is more popular and commonly known than League of Legends. This means that new players are more likely to know what to expect from playing Pikachu as opposed to Pantheon.

Wild Rift does do an excellent job at distilling the PC MOBA and bringing it to mobile. It is only in comparison to Unite, where the 60+ roster of available champions becomes daunting. As for new players, that is potentially a lot of new information they will have to learn.

Additiontionally, Unite doesn’t have players deal with an item system when in-game as Wild Rift does. Although this does mean that Wild Rift has greater depth and variety to each game, it only adds to the complexity of needing to know which items are suitable for the character you are playing.

The game does help you by recommending items, although it doesn’t clearly explain how the things you are picking are beneficial, only that they are good for you.

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Wild Rift and Unite’s Gameplay

Both games are MOBAs, though they have relatively different gameplay and objectives, Unite has players aiming to score more points than their opponents. To achieve this, players must defeat neutral camps and deposit their points in enemy goal zones.

This objective makes the game lean away from incentivising PvP as gaining points, and exp from defeating opponents is much trickier and slower when compared to farming camps.

Wild Rift’s objective contrasts this, as the aim is to work your way down the map to destroy the enemy base. The early stages of the game are similar to Unite’s, that being farming and levelling up. Although to achieve the end goal, you will inevitably have to get the enemy team out of your way to win.

Unlike Unite, League of Legends Wild Rift will not allow you to build a lead and sit on it until time runs out. Players must act proactively with the advantages they create.

Ultimately, both games are well built and enjoyable. The decision on which one to spend time and potentially money on comes down to a couple of things. If you like the more PvP focused, deeper mechanics and systems – Wild Rift could possibly be for you or Unite’s slightly more straightforward but just as engaging gameplay on top of the fact that it has Pokemon could be more to your taste.

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