Pokemon X and Y Gets New Evolution Trailer for Kalos Region Starters, More Artwork

on September 13, 2013 4:33 PM

A new trailer has surfaced for Pokemon X and Y, which features the evolved forms of the three Kalos Region starters, as well as more artwork for the game. Pokemon X and Y will be released globally on October 12th.

The three evolved forms are Quilladin, Braixen and Frogadier, which actually look pretty cool, as well as other Pokemon in the trailer; the fossil Pokemon Tyrunt and Amaura. Your character can change outfits and there’s even a poodle-type Pokemon that can be groomed into different looks. Garchomp gets a Mega form, somehow looking even more awesome than it already did before. And finally, Mewtwo gets two Mega forms called Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y, depending on which version of the game you have.

The new artwork features never-before-seen characters and all of the Pokemon in the trailer. You can check out all the goodies below.

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