Pokémon X and Y’s New TV Commercial Features Older Children, Also Mentions the 2DS

on September 17, 2013 2:33 PM

The first TV commercial for Pokemon X and Y has been released today, in which I noticed two things: first, that the children featured in it are on the older side of the 9-15 target age spectrum of Pokemon games. Second, at the end of the commercial, the announcer mentions that the game will be released for 3DS and 2DS devices.

I thought it was interesting that this commercial featured older kids, since Pokemon TV spots usually have younger children. However, it does make sense because starting from Pokemon Black and White versions, the series has become more mature, with plotlines that actually make the player think about the consequences of the Pokemon world. It seems that Game Freak and Nintendo have seen fit to create commercials that match the new-found maturity of the titles. It also implies that the plot of Pokemon X and Y will be equally mature.

In terms of the 2DS mention, I did write in a previous article about the marketing strategy Nintendo UK has planned for the 2DS, which involves pairing it with Pokemon X and Y. Sounds like Nintendo America is planning on the same strategy.

You can check out the commercial below.

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