PokePark Wii Announced

If you all have read my previous posts, you know I’m against the whole Pokémon thing because… well, I consider it pretty fucked up having to stuff cute looking endangered species, forcefully at that, into a little ball the size of a prune. But, me not advocating this doesn’t mean that parents will cease to shower their kids with Pokémon everything. Hell, nothing wrong with being a digital animal abuser – a world without PETA.

Nintendo has revealed their new installment to the world of Pokémon by introducing PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Big Adventure, which is set to arrive in Japan on December 5 for, roughly, $53. Pokémon fans are probably sighing in disappointment because this isn’t the Pokémon”insert color here” version, or the popular Stadium version that so many were expecting to hit the Wii. It is the first console version to make its way to the Wii and is being developed by Creatures Inc. – the very same guys that worked on the main handheld series.

A quick synopsis involves everyone’s favorite little yellow… um… rodent-dog thingie Pikachu competing and cooperating with other Pokemon in a theme park-ish place where he can do things like tag, beat up other Pokémon, and do a variety of quizzes and mini-games. The game also includes a camera mode which will allow you to photograph the Pokémon you encounter. See that kids? Pokémon don’t have to fight. They are all friends! It’s you little bastards that enjoy cracking the whip on these helpless delicious looking creatures.

Check out some screens:

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