Pokimane Ruthlessly Eliminates One of Her Biggest Fans in Apex Legends

Pokimane betrays her biggest fan.

By Frankie Clarke

September 27, 2021

Pokimane and her Apex Legends squad comprising of xChocobars and Scarra, run into friendly enemies mid-game only for it to turn into a bloodbath minutes later.

After a few hours on the Valorant grind, Streamer Pokimane decides to accept her friends xChocobars and Scarra‘s invites to join them for a few games of Apex Legends. Whilst Poki isn’t an avid player of the game nor has she played it for a long time, she takes to Apex Legends like a fish to water, maybe thanks to her Immortal rank Valorant skills coming in handy.

It’s Poki’s 4th Apex Legends game of the day when she and her squad encounter an enemy squad with one of Poki’s biggest fans.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

Pokimane Ruthlessly Eliminates One of Her Biggest Fans in Apex Legends

During the anxious moment of Poki’s squad healing and shielding up after a hostile enemy encounter one of her biggest fans slides in for the rescue. The kind fan begins supplying the squad with an abundance of shields and first aid kits which are greatly appreciated in their time of need.

Continuing as normal the rest of her squad xChocobars and Scarra had already taken off in the direction of the circle, Scarra reminds Poki to make sure to kill off her helpful fans, to which she agrees but not before she asks for one more request of gun attachments from her fans as they seem more knowledgeable than her on that subject.

With the attachments dropped off, an imaginary hug, and a sweet wave goodbye Poki downs the kind fan name “ILovePokimaneOxO” and uses her finisher just to seal the deal. As Poki returns back to her squad’s car she leaves the kind fan with the last promise of getting a kill in their honor.

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