Pokken Tournament DX DLC Screenshots Showcase Celebi, Mew and Blastoise

Pokken Tournament DX DLC Screenshots Showcase Celebi, Mew and Blastoise

In anticipation for the second wave of DLC, Nintendo has released screenshots of Blastoise as well as support Pokemon Mew and Celebi.

With the second wave of DLC for Pokken Tournament DX well on its way, we’ve received a few more screenshots of the new Pokemon coming to the battlefield on March 23.

While wave one included Aegislash and support Pokemon Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu, wave two is set to bring us Blastoise and support Pokemon Celebi and Mew, who you can check out in the screenshots below. The DLC is also set to contain some new outfits to kit out your trainers with the latest in Pokken haute couture.


From what information has been released so far, it seems as though Blastoise will start at a close range but gain distance as matches progress. Its Burst Attack will also allow it to Mega Evolve into Mega Blastoise, who packs a hellish punch…or cannon, I suppose.

In addition, Mew and Celebi have also gotten some love in the screenshots. Mew seems to have an ability called Miracle Power, which lets it boost the Synergy Gauge, as well as Attack and even Critical Hit ratios. Celebi’s move is called Phase Shift and can be used even on block. Nia, the female trainer, will also be receiving a number of new outfits as a part of the DLC pack.

Also beginning on March 23 and running through to March 25 is the new Group Match called “Gun Destruction“, which appears to be heavily based on Blastoise, is a Team Battle competition and will be in the Fixed Battle Arena. Rewards for participation and high ranking include a number of new titles based on placement.

If you haven’t bought the Battle Pack DLC, it costs $14.99 for a digital download, which will include both the Aegislash and Blastoise DLC. If you’ve already bought it, then look forward to seeing Blastoise joining your roster in Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch on March 23. While you’re waiting, you can check out our review of Pokken Tournament DX.