New Screenshots Emerge for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch

New Screenshots Emerge for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch

Pokkén Tournament for Nintendo Switch's latest screenshots hint at the latest Pokémon being added to the fighting game's roster. Check out the latest images of gameplay.

While Pokkén Tournament DX wasn’t the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game with all the surrounding buzz today, Publisher Nintendo illuminated more visuals for what the recently announced fighting game would look like.

Notably, these screenshots reveal that Pikachu, Lucario and Darkai will be returning from previous iterations, and that Decidueye would be one of the newcoming Pokémon. Along with that, both Popplio and Litten from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon would be making appearances as assisting Pokémon.

Pokkén Tournament DX was recently announced at Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct, getting mixed reactions from crowds hopeful to see a core Nintendo Switch game Pokémon game. The title offers 21 different Pokémon to choose from, along with a feature to let you record battles.

Earlier today, Pokkén Tournament announced they would be having a Treehouse event as well as Pokkén Tournament DX Invitational during their E3 2017 lineup. Keep an eye on DualShockers for more information on both of those.

Pokkén Tournament DX launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 22, 2017. Check out the new screenshot of the game, below: